The key to our delivery service is flexibility; you can choose your delivery in the morning or the evening and even over the weekend – just select an option to suit you. Our first delivery is made at 7am and last at 8pm and we will always phone you 30 mins before we are due to arrive.

In all cases, we can remove the packaging for you & take away your old product to save you the hassle, and we can do this for free.

Delivery Guidelines:

To Prepare for the Delivery Please Ensure:

  • The appliance will fit through your doors.
  • There is a clear path from the road, to the front door and through the building.
  • The floors are covered to protect them.
  • Anything that could potentially be knocked over or damaged is moved out of the way.
  • If you are not certain or think there may be a problem just let us know.